Grow Taller with the Alexander Technique

As you are going through this, do you observe that you are bringing your neck forward a little bit, or contracting your shoulders or your lower backside? A teacher of Alexander Technique teacher can free you of this type of a worry.

Alexander Technique is based on the identification and control in exercise over physical practices involving too much tension, internal stress, posture, movement and inhalation/expiration as well as thinking habits that get in the way of natural comfort and run in daily activities and skillful performance.

Balance is essential for successful incorporation of movement. Humans move in a way that the head leads our motion along the spinal column, and the body also follows behind, such a movement is an upward and important direction as a consequence of gravity. At the time of our birth, our head-spine balance is inborn, however with the passage of time we start losing this balance because of continuous stress and mal-adaptive adjustment to our surroundings.

The Alexander technique emphasizes on bringing back an impartial and lively posture. Posture is considered as a position of sitting or standing, an active posture maintains an association involving the neck, head and torso during movement and repeatedly varies in reply to the demands of the motion, while sustaining a fundamental honesty or standard.

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