#1 Stretching exercises
One can attain a greater height by employing stretching exercises. It may well take a lot of time considering the fact that there are 3 developmental levels which comprise of the following:

1st developmental level: Muscular and Tonal development of the back muscles

2nd developmental level: Decompression of the spine & Straightening

3rd developmental level: Progressive spinal disc regeneration & thickening.

Stretching exercises may permanently make you taller by at least 3 inches.

Slowly and gradually with the passage of time and appropriate implementation of the exercises, the discs in the spinal column and the cartilage supporting your lower torso especially the legs while in the upper torso arms and the spinal column will start thickening providing a balanced and taller body.

Advantages: You get to experience a height increase of 3 inches. Exercise also provides several health benefits like healthy and boosted metabolism, lesser body fat as well as improved immune system.

Disadvantages: Exercises consume a lot of time.

#2 Supplements 
The appropriate supplements hold as much importance as the correct exercises. There are several supplements but the majority of them don’t contain the necessary ingredients that fuel growth.

Our HeightGainer Pro™ supplements have the essential ingredients for growing taller including amino acids, glucosamine and multivitamins.

After years of thorough research and development we have manufactured the finest supplement available to increase your height: HeightGainer Pro ™.

You may increase your height by an extra 2-3 inches by correct usage of the appropriate supplements.

Advantages: You achieve a height gain of 3 inches. It may be consumed with your preferred drink. The ingredients it contains also enhance energy, boost vigor, and perk up focus. It is also helpful for people of virtually all age groups.

Disadvantages: Fairly costly but aids you in growing taller.

#3 Human Growth Hormone
One of the most costly drugs being manufactured today in the pharmaceutical industry is the synthetic human growth hormone. Before biomedical research and technological developments, surgeons would operate on dead bodies and eradicate the growth hormone from the brain tissues.

In the modern era, synthetic human growth hormone is scientifically engineered in medical labs. It can increase height fruitfully, primarily in children suffering from low hgh levels.

Advantages: It helps in increasing your height by more or less 5 inches. Results happen to be permanent and the application is rather quick.

Disadvantages: They are really costly and necessitate the use of needle injections. They also exhibit side-effects only function in the correct manner if your growth plates still happen to be open. It increases height by about five inches in the span of many months.

#4 Limb elongation
Limb lengthening is a surgical course of action through which either internal or external rods put inside the limbs require to be adjusted every so often. This procedure is now being carried out for cosmetic reasons as well outside the United States.

Advantages: It helps increase your height up to 12 inches everlastingly. The length Shorter legs can increase significantly.

Disadvantages: It is very expensive. Most of the height increase is aimed at the lower torso especially legs. There is a danger of infections. Hospital bills can prove to be be costly and a lot of time is needed.

#5 Stimulators of the Human Growth Hormone
Amino acid combinations are HGH stimulators that fuel the pituitary gland to secrete the human growth hormone. This process proves to be a lot more effective and safe in comparison with the costly synthetic growth hormone. Your body produces HGH in a natural manner so there is not a danger of various side-effects.

Advantages: You are guaranteed to get a height increase by up to 2 inches. It decreases the amounts of fat deposits and enhances the rate of metabolism.

Disadvantages: They function on people of a younger age more often than not.

Combining Methods For Optimum Height Increase
If you long to attain a height increase permanently, you require to combine at least a couple of the above mentioned methods in the appropriate manner.


Stretching may well be the easiest exercise for growing taller that can be done without employing any equipment. Our entire site is dedicated to showing you various height increase exercises that depict exact details for the various stretching methods necessary for growing taller.

Growing Taller by Hanging
Hanging depends upon the decompression due to gravity which works on the spinal column to attain an increase in height. There is no rocket science involved, all that you need is to hang on a bar for 10 seconds or more. It may be quite hard to find such a bar at home which you can use for this exercise. A well-liked hanging mechanism known as Door Gym needs a mere door frame to make your personal hanging bar without employing any nuts, bolts or nails.

Growing Taller by doing Body upturn
Body inversion may be achieved by employing either an Inversion Table or Inversion Boots. As the human body body gets upturned, gravity causes the stretching of the spine as well as the knee cartilage simultaneously. In this way you will certainly be in an upside down position much longer as compared to mere bar-hanging which you can only manage as long as your muscles don’t get fatigued. Despite the fact that inversion table is expensive and also requires space for its operation, the results it has produced have been emphatic for those who have persisted with it.

Growing Taller by swimming
To elongate your spine during swimming, you must prefer the breast stroke. It turns out to be the perfect stroke since your legs are kicking in one direction while your arms are stretching in the other direction. As this occurs simultaneously, this causes the increase in length of your spine much better than various other swimming moves. Another factor behind swimming being good is that being in a water body efficiently neutralizes the gravitational effects on your spine.

Growing Taller by Sleeping with lifted bed bottom
Lift the underside part of your bed where your feet happen to be 2-4 inches high. This causes you to use gravity to pull up your spinal column unlike the time when gravity exerts a pulling force on your spine while you are standing. Having your head beneath your heart, gravity will cause a thorough blood flow to the thyroid gland which aids in the creation of growth hormones.

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